The Sound of Seismic Burst

The name “Seismic Burst” describes best our way as musicians: Below the surface of anyone noticing, a powerful stream of hot rocks is making its way to the outside. With a shaking eruption and explosions, the matter from the core shows up. This is the feeling we want to embody with our music.

Album Redistribute

The world is changing, and not always for the better. The album Redistribute contains nine distinct songs – each one with its own story: Starting with a break out, music will burst into your ears, followed by a tragic story from the Middle East up to the song with the same name as the album – Redistribute – which calls for a shift in society. Other unique songs follow until the album concludes with “Sick!” – a shattering view on our civilization.

You can listen to this great album on many MUSIC platforms or you can come to one of our LIVE performances.

If you want to support Seismic Burst financially, you can also buy a physical copy that includes the lyrics of all nine songs.

It was important for us as a band to release this album on the right time: In this moment in time, society is changing drastically and the need for change and redistribute is greater than ever. This is why the world needs to hear our message and our music now.

Where to get the stuff?

We believe that music should be free for everyone. This is why we give it to you at no charge!

Even though we invested a shit load of money into a professional recording and the production of our songs, we brought them to the most used music platforms for everyone to enjoy.
You can listen to seismic songs these websites:

…as well as on Amazon Music, KKBox, soundcloud, 7digital, bandcamp, and some others.

What does it sound like?

We are very ambitios regarding the composition and sound of our work. Each song has its own history and meaning. Our music is bursting with energy and still diversified in terms of style, tonality, and rhythm. This makes it hard to assign it to a certain genre. Best is to form your own view (or ear).

Here is an example what one of our songs sounds like. Do you like it?

Support Seismic Burst

The best thing you can do is to spread the word an tell your friends! We’d really love to see all of you LIVE at our concerts and growling the chorus.

You can also buy physical (real!) stuff to hold in your hands, like a CD of our album Redistribute, and put it into your dusty CD player. It even comes with a twelwe-page colorful booklet that includes all the lyrics:

Go to our bandcamp page